Why You Want to Choose Nicholas Zamonis as Your San Diego Real Estate Agent

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When I was only 23 and an E-5 in the Navy, I purchased my first home. It was located in Virginia Beach, where I was stationed at the time. When it was time to leave that home, instead of selling it, I converted it to a rental property. This is quickly recognized by real estate investors as a smart way to have other people pay for your home, and receive some cash flow in addition. This started my passion for real estate. A passion that has never gone away, and one that has made me one of the top San Diego real estate agents.

I first became a licensed real estate agent when I was stationed in upstate New York, in 2004. I was affiliated with Realty USA and helped dozens of clients around Saratoga Springs, New York with their transaction of buying and selling real estate.

After I transferred to San Diego in 2007, I immediately fell in love with the area. I have called San Diego my home since that time. What is there not to like? Many people consider it “paradise found”, and boast of the perfect temperatures year-round. The average high in the winter will be in the high 60’s, and in the summer the average temperature tops out at the high 70’s. Avoiding the freezing cold of winter and blazing heat of summer is the perfect combination.


The features of the neighborhoods in San Diego are as varied as the prospective homeowner or real estate investor. The neighborhoods of Eastlake, Otay Ranch, Linda Vista, the Gaslamp, Cortez Hill, Golden Hill, Point Loma, Coronado and Mission Hills all have a different personality. If you do not already know the area, in the military or newly moving here, my familiarity with these neighborhoods will help to guide you in the perfect one for your home and investment. Or, perhaps you have lived in the San Diego area quite some time and now want to purchase a family home or real estate for investment purposes. It is impossible to get the feel for the area with only listings on the internet of the homes for sale.

Eastlake and Otay Ranch

These communities boast of larger homes with more space than some. The communities have all the shopping, restaurants and a golf course for your needs and leisure.

Linda Vista and Gaslamp

The University of San Diego is the main feature of Linda Vista. The beautiful campus also gives wonderful views of America’s favorite city. The condominiums at Gaslamp are just a short walk to the bay. You will also find the city’s finest restaurants, classy nightlife, and the Padres baseball stadium.

Cortez Hill

The condominiums at Cortez Hill are walkable to Little Italy and downtown. Take an Uber or Lyft if that is more your style. This area has a little less hustle and bustle than downtown.

Golden Hill

Townhomes, condos and craftsman style homes make up the most of Golden Hill. It is not far from downtown, and walkable to restaurants in Southpark and Target Express.

Point Loma

Point Loma is beautiful and with Liberty Station, there is tons of entertainment and everything you need very close by.


This city is known as a resort town located on the peninsula just off San Diego Bay. Surfers, sunbathers as well as those wanting to spend time with their dog on the leash-free beach will be comfortable here. Shops and restaurants are abundant for those who want to live like they are on vacation all year round.

Mission Hills

This is where you will find the Spanish and Craftsman historic family homes. It is a great walkable neighborhood, close to everything.

All the neighborhoods have different features and the one that suits you and your family will be a very personal choice. Those wanting to buy, sell or invest in San Diego will be able to find something to suit their needs in one of these communities.

For even more information check out San Diego Magazine, and the article highlighting 17 neighborhoods in San Diego.

Aerial view of San Diego real estate properties in Pacific Beach

Top Qualities That Make a Difference

1. Knowledge

Having been a real estate agent for more than 15 years, and living in the San Diego area for more than 12, you can be assured my knowledge of real estate practices as well as the neighborhoods of San Diego is extensive.

2. Marketing

I’ve worked in the marketing industry for years and can set the appropriate price and provide the perfect strategy for each home. Some San Diego real estate agents will entice you with a higher listing price then is appropriate for your home. This will result in disappointment with a listing that does not sell quickly or at all, without lowering the price.

3. Clients are my Priority

Whether you are a new client or one I have been working with my priorities are for timely communication. I believe in taking care of the client and making sure they have an amazing experience. See my 5-star rating on?Zillow. My business?Facebook?or?Linkedin?page or?Instagram?will give you more opportunities to see my transparency and interact with me, whether it be phone, text, PM or comment.

4. Integrity

Can something go wrong? Yes, but I use ethical solutions in my vast toolbox of knowledge and contacts. Maybe it is with financing. I have long-time working relationships with the top mortgage brokers and financial institutions in the area. I know who can offer the best programs and the ones who can get the job done. Possibly more negotiation is needed because of the amount and cost of items on an inspection report, or for some reason, the appraisal is off.  Because I don’t give up and know other professionals, I will use the appropriate method for the situation.

Whether you are in the military, new to the area, long-time residents planning to upsize your home, or looking to purchase to invest, I have the best skills to help put you in your dream house. When it is the time in your life to start out, move up, downsize or add to your real estate portfolio, I am a top San Diego real estate agent to contact and will gladly be of service to you. Below you will see a contact form. Just fill it out and I will soon be in contact with you to see how I can serve you. You will want to see if we are a good fit. No obligation is required to make initial contact.

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