6 New Businesses in San Diego Impacting the Housing Market

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San Diego is one of the most desirable cities in the world to live in with a vibrant downtown and a diverse cultural lifestyle. It is a delightful fusion of modern versatility and quirky character. Creative revitalization and innovation are attracting professionals, families, and millennials who see the potential and benefits of living here. Add a thriving economy and plenty of natural beauty and it’s easy to see why San Diego is an investor’s paradise. 

Why San Diego?

San Diego provides an inviting business climate offering a variety of well-received incentives for start-ups as well as company expansions. The city maintains a safe and healthy environment keeping its infrastructure up-to-date. A recent influx of new business energy and development is a testimony to the availability of a dynamic workforce and the quality of life the city has on hand. Here are six welcome enterprises helping to keep San Diego great.

  1. Horton Plaza?is getting a makeover and it’s a win-win for the community. Stockdale Capital Partners purchased the downtown plaza in 2018 with the intention of turning it into a mixed-use office entity catering to technology and creative companies. The?City Council?unanimously approved the project in May hoping to breathe new life into the postmodern-style mall. The goal is to decrease necessary commuting and combine opportunity with livability.
  2. Amazon?recently expanded its San Diego Tech Hub in the University City neighborhood adding 300 good-paying high-tech jobs. It more than doubles its previous workforce of 200 engineers and scientists already working in the?San Diego facility. General Manager of the new office, Nate Wiger, cites the innovative local talent as the driving force for Amazon’s decision to expand. The jobs available include software development and digital entertainment with training programs offered for employees wanting to learn new skills.?
  3. Apple‘s newest venture is bringing at least 1000 jobs to the?San Diego?area in the next few years. The tech company has plans to turn the region into an engineering hub offering positions in software and hardware development. The mini campus will include research spaces, labs, and offices spread over hundreds of thousands of square feet. Apple’s global real estate representative sees San Diego as a city of creatives and inventors who will help propel the company’s innovations into the future.
  4. Teradata?moved its headquarters from Dayton, Ohio to San Diego last year joining the city’s growing tech community. The employee-friendly company encourages input from its workers providing a comfortable workplace to promote brainstorming and problem-solving.?Teradata?began as a data storage warehouse forty years ago but has expanded its focus to include data analytics. It has subsequently become a leader in the field of incorporating data meant to empower individuals and businesses.
  5. DelMar?is a biopharmaceutical center specializing in the development of cancer therapies. It has recently announced it will be relocating its headquarters this fall from Vancouver, British Columbia to San Diego. The company feels the move is ideal for its corporate expansion goals citing the San Diego area as optimally positioned for success.?DelMar?explores new therapies for cancer patients often teaming up with clinical and academic institutions for support.
  6. Cloudbeds?has been around the San Diego Bankers Hill neighborhood since 2012 working initially as a small software startup. The company’s venture-backed, cloud-based hospitality software has taken off prompting the firm to expand. Founders Adam Harris and Richard Castle recently secured an 8300 square foot space as its new headquarters. Their management software is a favorite among managers and owners of boutique hotels and vacation rental property.?Cloudbeds?plans to add to its staff this year as it continues to grow.
Beachfront houses in San Diego

What Does It Mean For The Housing Market?

The ongoing expansion of San Diego’s business ventures and the burgeoning of commercial real estate sales make it one of the hottest markets in the country. The city’s tech boom is encouraging growth in the real estate industry, particularly with multifamily properties. The promise of high-paying jobs along with all the benefits of living in an area known for its beautiful beaches and near-perfect weather is drawing investors and families alike.

The health of the economy in San Diego is strong prompting a robust fluidity of real estate investments. The demand for rental properties is on the rise and the?unemployment rate?remains below the national average. All these factors along with the energetic revitalization of city centers and the undeniable creative vibe of the city signify a positive upward curve.

Buyers can take advantage of the still affordable prices of real estate in the area. As San Diego takes its place among the nation’s tech hubs, investors are wise to get in on the ground floor of this expanding market. It is also a good time to find your ideal home in one of the city’s character-filled communities. San Diego is increasingly becoming the perfect place to call home.

How Can We Help You?

When you are ready to start searching for your home or investment property in San Diego,?Nick Zamonis?is happy to be at your service. Nick has over fifteen years of professional real estate experience and is known for his stellar customer service. His clients are his priority and he listens carefully to what you want and goes out of his way to ensure your satisfaction.

Nick’s extensive knowledge of San Diego’s neighborhoods and his exceptional negotiating skills make him the ideal choice for all your real estate needs. He believes every client deserves timely communication and transparency always going the extra mile to keep you informed of any actions. Nick is a United State Navy veteran committed to offering the best service in the industry.

Whether you are new to the San Diego area or just looking to upsize or downsize, Nick is available to help you realize your dream. Military families or investors can’t go wrong with a top-of-the-line realtor like Nick whose passion for the industry drives results. You can?contact us?anytime and let us know how we can make your San Diego real estate search a breeze.

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