6 Profitable Renovation Tips for San Diego Apartments Using Powder Coating Services

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Apartment renovations are a necessary part of the residential real estate industry. If you manage an apartment building or complex, no doubt you’re used to the regular and irregular demands of updating units, tenant turnover, and keeping up with the latest interior design trends. In fact, one of the most profound expenses in managing an apartment community is the constant need for minor and major renovations.

So it’s no surprise to learn that most apartment managers and owners have a few go-to tricks up their sleeves for regular necessary renovations.  You may have a carpet and upholstery team to make the plush elements of the building like new. You may have a trustworthy painting service that can update your units to the latest in cool attractive tenant color palettes for every turnover process. And when you add powder coating to that renovation Rolodex, an entirely new set of profitable and attractive options unfold before you.

Today, we’re here to talk about how you can make use of powder coating services to improve tenant turnover, renovate your apartment building, and save money on new fixture replacements.

What is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a way to?restore, renovate, and redesign?anything made of metal. It is an eco-friendly, material-efficient, and highly affordable way to smooth and update the finish on metal fixtures, restore old metal features and protect everything from scuffs, scrapes, and the challenges of harsh weather.

Improving Your Apartment Renovations with Powder Coating

Apartment renovations are a normal occurrence in apartment buildings and complexes. You renovate units during tenant turnover to update the features and attract a new wave of desirable tenants. You upgrade the shared spaces and amenities to keep the apartment competitive in the local rental market and keep your tenants happy with their community environment. And powder coating can help with it all.

1) Refinishing is Lower Cost than Replacing

Replacing the fixtures in an apartment building is something some owners do too often, and some owners leave for far too long. But the one universal truth is that replacements often aren’t necessary for function, just for style. If the metal plumbing fixtures, lighting fixtures, and metal features in your apartment building need updating but they still perform their tasks reliably, then powder coating is a far more affordable solution.

Rather than buying all-new fixtures to replace the old, powder coating allows you to refinish all fixtures with new metal finishes or vivid colorful hues. You can update to a stylish deep bronze, a sleek unified chrome, or color-code your unit kitchens in a way that will delight new tenants.

Worker wearing protective wear performing powder coating of metal details in a special industrial camera

2) Custom Color and Theme Design Options

Factory finish options are often limited. Your apartment building can choose between chrome, black, white, and sometimes brown when selecting plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, or fences and railings. But with powder coating, you can choose from the entire color spectrum. If your apartment building has a colorful theme, your fixtures can finally reflect that in uniquely branded design that tenants will find nowhere else.

Bring your artistic vision and interior design potential to life both decorating your units and public spaces with powder-coated fixtures. Not only can you save a bundle on replacement features, but you can also achieve a full visual reinvention of the space by applying new colors and finishes that are not available from manufacturers and hardware stores.

3) Fast Tenant Turnover Process

Tenants know a new finish when they see one. The best quality of residents can tell freshly painted walls, and polished, unscratched plumbing fixtures. They can tell that you put real effort into choosing and finishing the light fixtures, and it will make a difference when it comes to tenant turnover.

Tenants who want to live in the lap of luxury at a reasonable price, and who want to feel like the very first residents even in a popular apartment building, will appreciate the fresh new designs you can bring with powder coating. Powder coating your apartment fixtures is a great way to accelerate your tenant turnover and increase your potential income in monthly rent.

4) Protect Investments by Preventing Future Scuffs and Scratches

Powder coating is also nearly indestructible. Tenants won’t have to worry about accidentally scratching or scuffing the fixtures with normal daily activities. Powder coating is resistant to scuffs and highly durable against scratches. It does not chip or wear away like paint and it is one-hundred percent safe to scrub with the rough side of a sponge.

Unlike other methods of refinishing your fixtures, powder coating will help ensure that your investments stay safe by preventing any scratches or scuffs from requiring premature repairs.

5) Emphasize History Without Sacrificing Quality

Is there historical metalwork in your building? Here in the greater San Diego area, there are many buildings constructed long enough ago that the original architectural decor is considered historical and your residents will marvel at the building’s history to see them. But if these features are oxidizing, rusting-through, or suffering from color change, then they may not be the most beautiful features of your building.

Fortunately, powder coating along with other forms of metal restoration are there to help. If you have metal artwork or fixtures that are suffering from age, metal restoration can restore it to like-new quality and powder coating can give it a protective coat so that decay isn’t a problem in the future.

6) Restore Outdoor Features and Protect from Future Damage

Finally, give a thought to the quality of your fences. If the fencing outside your apartment building is rusting, listing, or otherwise seems to be suffering from the weather then powder coating is best equipped to help. The powder coating process will strip away the top layer of flaking paint and rust before sealing in your metal fencing to give it a gleaming new coat that will resist damage and wear for years. Providing you with an apartment building that is both safer and more appealing to look upon.

Powder coating is a fantastic resource for any apartment owners and managers. Rather than investing in all-new fixtures every few years when it’s time to update the units, you can simply refinish and redesign with the fixtures you have. Update unit fixtures to the latest popular hues or invent an entirely new decoration theme that incorporates your newfound control over the color and finish of metal in your building.

If you’ve found a beautiful San Diego apartment building worth investing in, but it needs a little work, powder coating can help you to completely reinvent the metal fixtures at a surprisingly low cost. Remember that this is a useful tool in your renovation toolbox for turning a San Diego multi-family property into a truly profitable investment. Contact us today for more San Diego property insights for your investment plans.

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