Coronado, CA: Why it Really is Worth the Money

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With its glittering sand beaches, gentle waves, gorgeous sunsets, and view of the San Diego skyline, there’s no arguing that Coronado, CA, is one of the most scenic locations in the United States. This makes Coronado real estate some of the most desirable in the country. Just across the bay from San Diego, this former island is now a peninsula. Coronado is tied to the mainland by the  and accessible via the famous San Diego-Coronado Bridge. But it’s not only the views: Coronado residents love the city’s community focus, fine dining, world-class shopping, and unique architecture. 

Prospective homeowners sometimes wonder if Coronado real estate is worth its relatively high price. When you factor in the scenic beauty and cultural significance ? plus the excellent schools, walkability, community events, and low crime ? it’s clear that the Crown City really is worth the money. Let’s take a closer look at what sets Coronado apart:

Rich Culture & History

Those who aren’t familiar with Coronado might associate the city primarily with its reputation as a resort town. While it’s true that the peninsula holds massive appeal for visitors, Coronado is a city with its own rich history. Known for its aviation and Navy significance, more than 85 historical sites around Coronado now commemorate the history of this city. 

Archaeologists have discovered signs of itinerant Native American civilizations traveling through Coronado dating back around 1,000 years ago. Coronado was first explored by Spanish explorers in 1542, though it would be almost 200 years before Europeans returned to the island. Then, in the mid-1800s, the entire island of Coronado was sold to an American for $1,000 worth of silver.

Known for shore whaling in the mid-1850s, by the late 1800s and early 1900s, Coronado quickly became a booming resort town ? complete with famous Tent City. Also created around this time, The Hotel del Coronado is a Victorian-style resort with iconic red roofs. Coronado now boasts a population of 24,053 and is known for its culture, arts, shopping, and breathtaking natural beauty.

Safe, Low Crime Area

When choosing a home, safety is obviously a non-negotiable factor. Luckily, Coronado real estate is known for its safety and low crime rates. Ranked on a scale from 1 to 100 (with 1 being the safest and 100 being the most dangerous), Coronado ranks a very low 11.7 for violent crime and a low 28.5 for property crime. Both of those figures are significantly lower than the national average. Coronado regularly ranks as one of the safest suburbs in San Diego County.

Highly Walkable Neighborhood

Coronado is beyond compare when it comes to walkability. First of all, with 265 sunny days per year (in contrast to the United States average of 205 per year), this peninsula offers residents a pleasant, sun-drenched climate more often than not. In fact, Best Places ranks it as one of the most pleasant spots in California, climate-wise.

Aside from the gorgeous weather, it’s easy to get around by foot or on a bike in Coronado. It’s been rated a “Walker’s Paradise” due in part to well-kept sidewalks, beautiful urban landscaping, and easy accessibility both to shopping areas and beach areas. And with 15 miles of bike paths, it’s an ideal place to take a scenic bike ride. Here are some of the best (but by no means the only) places to spend an afternoon on foot:

  • Downtown Coronado. With diverse local shops ? jewelry, bookstores, clothes, art, artisan foods, and more ? there’s something for everyone in scenic Downtown Coronado.
  • Coronado Beach. Love walking on the beach? This beach is famous for its wide, flat sands ? and is located within walking distance of Downtown Coronado.
  • Ferry Landing Marketplace. Whether or not you need to take the ferry, Ferry Landing Marketplace is a great place to walk around and enjoy the local cuisine and top-tier shopping opportunities. 

Excellent Public Schools

Ensuring a high level of education for children can be surprisingly difficult. In cases where the public schooling system isn’t quite sufficient, many turn to expensive private schools to ensure the best for their children. However, Coronado’s extremely well-rated public schools means every child in the Crown City gets a top-notch education. 

The Coronado Unified School District has an A rating on Niche, making it one of the highest-rated districts in the area. It ranks in the top ten Best Teachers in California out of 744 schools. Ranked in the top 25 out of 750 school districts in the state, Coronado’s public schools are truly exemplary. With two elementary schools, a middle school, and a high school, Coronado Public Schools can support your kid from kindergarten to graduation ? all without needing to pay the steep prices of private schooling. 

Community Events

At around 32 square miles in size, Coronado is a small, tight-knit community. Residents here love how the peninsula’s small size makes for a more unique lifestyle ? and how easy it is to access Downtown Coronado and its many community events.

Free and open to the public, Coronado’s educational downtown events range the full gamut: from the Coronado Historical Association’s lectures on the peninsula’s history, STEM workshops for kids, to explorations of Coronado’s unique plant species, to animal and flower shows, and beyond. There is always something to see, do, learn about, and celebrate in Coronado.

In addition to the opportunity to continuously learn and engage with the community’s culture and history, Coronado offers many free entertainment opportunities for the public:

  • July 4th Celebration. Every Independence Day, Coronado throws an incredible 4th of July Celebration ? complete with a parade, music, and fireworks.
  • Coronado Concert Series. For the past 49 years, the Coronado Concert Series has delighted residents and visitors alike with weekly free musical events in Spreckels Park. 
  • Art in the Park. Held on the first and third Sundays of the Month, the  event in Spreckels Park highlights more than 50 local artists and their gorgeous watercolor, acrylic, stained glass, and ceramic works. 

Sunset on Coronado Island Beach

Natural Beauty: Beaches & Parks

No discussion of Coronado real estate would be complete without touching on its natural beauty. First, Coronado Beach is one of the most uniquely beautiful in the world. Imbued with flakes of the mineral mica, the sand actually seems to sparkle with a golden hue. Though it’s the most famous, it’s not the only beach to enjoy: Coronado Dog Beach offers a place for you to enjoy the turf with your four-legged friend, and Coronado Ferry Landing Beach delights with its views of San Diego. 

The garden-lined streets in Coronado mean that you’re treated to gorgeous natural sights everywhere you turn. However, residents also enjoy access to many parks that highlight nature at its finest. Check out Glorietta Bay Park for views of the San Diego skyline and the Coronado Bridge, Centennial Park for well-maintained biking and walking paths, and Bayview Park for romantic tranquility overlooking the bay. 

Coronado: It’s Worth the Money

Coronado has gorgeous natural beauty, easy access to everything the Downtown District has to offer, excellent public schools, and extremely walkable neighborhoods. It’s no wonder that Coronado frequently makes the list for the best places to live in California. Want more insight into why Coronado real estate is worth the money? Contact me, Nicholas Zamonis, REALTOR?, for more information about all the Crown City has to offer.

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